Twi'lek 'slave girl' thief


Ilyta’s own skin is a somewhat dusky blue-grey, but she habitually wears body-coloration to give herself a vibrant, bright blue hue. More natural coloration shows through around her neck, hinting at the habitual presence of a collar even when one isn’t affixed. Equally, her grey eyes are almost always replaced by violet overlays and her uninked face and lekku are covered in bold, charcoal-grey tribal tattoos. She’s short, that much isn’t a disguise, and neither is the fact that she’s lithe, flexible, quite well-toned, and not at all heavily-muscled. To put it simply, she looks both stereotypical and harmless.

Species: Twi’lek
Career: Smuggler
Specializations: Gambler, Driver

Exp: 505
Exp Available: 0

Soak: 3/2
Wound Threshold: 11
Strain Threshold: 15
Defense (R/M): 0/0

Brawn: 1
Agility: 5
Intellect: 2
Cunning: 4
Willpower: 2
Presence: 3

Skills: (Class skills marked with > even if at 0)
Athletics: 2
Charm: 2
Coercion: 1
>Computers : 0
>Cool: 1
>Coordination : 1
>Deception: 1
Discipline: 2
Gunnery: 3
>Perception : 1
Piloting (Planetary): 2
>Piloting (Space) : 1
Resilience: 1
>Skulduggery : 2
Stealth: 1
>Streetwise: 1
>Vigilance: 0
>Knowledge (Underworld) : 1


Convincing Demeanor x2
Grit x3
Second Chances x3
Up the Ante x2
Clever Solution
Natural Rogue
Double or Nothing
Improved Double or Nothing
Supreme Double or Nothing
Dedication x2
Toughened x1
Gearhead x2
All-Terrain Driver

Credits: 7204 cr



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