Sarahi Devereaux

Wannabe Space Wizard with a dash of Mechanics.


Sarahi Devereaux
A Mechanical Diva

Both gifted and cursed with thick, dark red hair and vibrant green eyes, Sarahi is usually found in thick overalls that help shield her from machine oil and with a hydro-spanner in her hands to tune up a machine. She is not terribly tall, standing at roughly five foot, three inches and is a relatively average looking individual

Species Career Specialisations
Corellian Sentinel Artisan, Soresu Defender, Seer
Total XP Spent Available
565 -
Duty Combat Superiority, Support – 10
Morality 70
Conflict 0
Emotional Strength Enthusiasm
Emotional Weakness Recklessness
Stat Rating
Soak 3
Wounds 13
Strain 16
Encumberance 8
Ranged Defense 0
Melee Defense 0
Attributes Rating
Brawn 3
Agility 2
Intellect 4
Cunning 2
Willpower 3
Presence 3
Skills Rating Class Skill
Astrogation 0 Yes
Computers 0 Yes
Coordination 0 Yes
Discipline 4 Yes
Mechanics 4 Yes
Perception 0 Yes
Skulduggery 0 Yes
Stealth 0 Yes
Survival 0 Yes
Vigilance 0 Yes
Melee 0 Yes
Knowledge (Core Worlds) 0 Yes
Knowledge (Education 1 Yes
Knowledge (lore) 0 Yes
Lightsaber 2 Yes
Talents Rank Derivation Page Number Description
Solid Repairs 2 Artisan pg 93 (FaD) Repairs +1 hull trauma per rank of solid repairs when repairing vehicles or starships
Grit 2 Artisan pg 93 (FaD) +1 strain threshold per rank
Grit 1 Soresu Defender pg 49 (FaD) +1 strain threshold per rank
Grit 1 Seer pg 83 (FaD) +1 Strain Threshold per rank
Inventor 1 Artisan pg 93 (FaD) When constructing items or modifying attachments, can add a boost die or remove a setback die per rank of inventor
Mental tool Artisan pg 93 (FaD) Always count as having the right tool for the right job on hand when doing mechanics
Fine Tuning 1 Artisan pg 93 (FaD) When reducing system strain on a vehicle or starship, reduce one additional strain per rank of fine tuning
Defensive Slicer 1 Artisan pg 93 (FaD) When defending computer systems, add a setback die per rank of defensive slicing to opponents checks
Mental Fortress 1 Artisan pg 93 (FaD) Spend a destiny point to ignore effects of critical injuries on intellect or cunning checks until the end of an encounter
Comprehend Technology - Artisan pg 93 (FaD) Make an average education check to intuitively gain ranks in the use of an item equal to force rating
Dedication - Artisan pg 93 (FaD) Adds 1 Intelligence
Parry 3 Soresu Defender pg 49 (FaD) When hit by a melee attack, may suffer 3 strain to block 2 damage plus 1 per rank in parry
Force Rating increase Artisan pg 93 (FaD) Increases force rating by 1
Force Rating Increase Seer pg 83 (FaD) Increases force rating by 1
Soresu Technique Soresu Defender pg 49 When making a check using the lightsabre skill, may use intellect instead of brawn
Reflect 1 Soresu Defender pg 49 When hit by a ranged attack, may suffer 3 strain to block 2 damage plus 1 per rank in reflect
Intuitive Improvements - Artisan pg 93 (FaD) When crafting or repairing an item, may make a force power check. On 2 force dice, may add a hard point to that item to a max of 2
Defensive Stance 1 Soresu Defender pg 49 (FaD) Once per round, may make a defensive stance maneuver and suffer a number of strain to upgrade a number of equal incoming melee attacks until the next round
Uncanny Reactions 1 Seer pg 83 (FaD) Add a boost die per rank of uncanny reactions to all vigilance checks
Keen Eyed 1 Seer pg 83 (FaD) Remove a setback die per rank of keen eyed from perception and vigilance checks. Decrease time to search a specific area by half
Rapid Reaction 1 Seer pg 83 (FaD) Suffer a number of strain to add an equal number of successes to initiative checks. Strain cannot exceed ranks in rapid reaction
Sense Danger - Seer pg 83 (FaD) Once per game, may remove two setback die from any roll
The Force
Force Rating 3
Basic – May affect the emotions of one person. Can use dark side dice to generate negative emotions and light side dice to generate positive emotions. Other emotions like confusion may be generated using either dark or light
Control – May make an opposed discipline check to force a target to adopt an emotional state or believe that something is not true, lasting one round or five minutes
Basic – May spend force dice to gain hints and glimpses into the future up to a day in advance.
Control – When making an initiative check, the user may roll a foresee power check as part of the pool. Force dice can be spent to gain successes
Basic – May spend light side dice to sense all living things within short range
May spend light side dice to sense the current living target’s emotional state
Basic – May spend light side dice to move one object of silhouette 0 within short range out to short range.
Range 1 – May spend force points to increase the range of the power by one
Magnitude 1 – May spend force points to increase the number of targets affected equal to ranks in magnitude
Basic – May make a power pool check when using Athletics
Control 1 – May make a force check when using Coordination
Control 2 – May make a force check when using Resilience
Armour Defense Soak Encumberance Hard Points Special Rarity
Heavy Clothing 0 1 1 0 - 0
Personal Shield Generator 2 1 3 1/2 Modded through force artisan 8
Smugglers Trenchcoat 1 1 3 1 Can conceal up to 2 encumberance items, +1 hard point added through intuitive maintenance 7
Laminate Armour 0 3 4 0/3 Superior, Biofeedback system (adds 4 strain threshold when worn), Vac Sealing available but not slotted 5
Weapon Damage Crit Range Encumbrance Hardpoints Special
HL-27 Blaster Pistol 5 3 Medium 1 0/2 Stun Setting, Accurate 1, Wrist mounted
Vibro-Rapier 5 2 Engaged 1 0/2 Defensive 1, Pierce 5, Accurate 2
Training Lightsaber 6 - Engaged 1 3/5 Stun Damage, Deep Blue
Extended Hilt Lightsaber 10 3 Engaged 1 1/5 Breach 1, Burn 1, Sunder, Superior , Vibrant Orange
Worn Encumberance Special
Smugglers Trenchcoat 0 Normally 3, 0 when worn
HL-27 Blaster Pistol 1 -
Vibro-Rapier 1 Normally 2, mod reduced weight
Lightsaber 1 -
Blaster Pistol Reload 1 -
Total 4 0+1+1+1+1 = 4
Worn Encumberance Special
Laminate Armour 1 Normally 4, 1 when worn
HL-27 blaster pistol 1
Lightsaber 1
Vibro-Rapier 1 Normally 2, mod reduced weight
Blaster Pistol Reload 1
Total 5 1+1+1+1+1 = 5
Worn Encumberance Special
Personal Shield Generator 0 Normally 3, 0 when worn
HL-27 blaster pistol 1
Lightsaber 1
Vibro-Rapier 1 Normally 2, mod reduced weight
Blaster Pistol Reload 1
Total 5 0+1+1+1+1 = 4

Owned Equipment:-
Credits: 1636cr
Pink Floofy Dress with Parasol
Custom Vambrace Hand Scanner + Datapad
Comm-link (handheld)
Emergency Repair Patches x2
Extra powerpacks x2
Corchemo “Quickflash” Burning Gel x8


Mother – Lyanna
Father – Wilhelm
Sister – Sarah
Brother – Samuel
Brother – Liam

Me? my childhood was a happy one. You hear all these horror stories in the galaxy about children being raised without parents, or having to find and forge their way through life. Of struggle and hardship.."

Yep, totally normal. My parents and family are still alive even.

I grew up in a family of four, a sister and two very boystrous brothers that spent more than their fair share of time delighting in teasing us. We wanted for very little and were raised in an environment that we could all appreciate ; Coronet city was a beautiful place, despite the cluttered feel to it…if you listened carefully, you could always feel the undercurrent of life in the city; the ebb and flow of life that cannot be mistaken for anything else.

As with everything though, time moved on and I grew up. Most of that time was spent around my father’s hangar though – I would always find a way to spend time there as I loved just diving into a machine and rebuilding what, previously, had given up the mechanical ghost so to speak.

While I dearly love my brothers, I cannot agree with their choice of careers. After leaving the academy here on Corellia, they promptly joined the Empire as pilots, or some other bizarre choice. Do not get me wrong, I wish them all the best with their work but it is hardly safe, or, well…an ideal career choice. The Empire is not known for it’s forgiveness, or velvet gloved approach.

I wish I could tell you where my sister went, but I haven’t heard from her since leaving the Academy.

As for me? my time away at the Academy changed things. When I returned home after graduating, I found that time had been harsh to the business and father had gained an appreciation for Sabaac that far outstripped his ability to actually play sabaac.

You have to understand that I love my parents. They cared for me when I needed raising and I’d like to think I turned out alright. My fathers debts were owed to a local tavern keep with connections to something deeper and darker than a simple crime ring – I was able to work out a deal in exchange for clearing the debts ; I would work for them and repair/maintain whatever they needed and in exchange, I would work to clear my family’s debts.

It seemed fair at the time, even if it has left me in a very odd situation.

But hey, I’ve yet to find a problem that either a wrench, or a blas-tec charge won’t fix.

Sarahi Devereaux

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